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September 2011: Aude



Your first encounter with porn?
Very young I think,I remember that my stuffed animals lived steamy adventures, as my Barbies and Playmobil. More concretely, around thirteen I guess.

Your first porn?
I remember some magazines a school friend of mine had stolen from her brother when I was in 5th grade. Then in middle school i’ve some souvenirs of videos and images. But otherwise I was about eighteen when I started a long distance relationship, and of course it was over the internet…

Do you watch porn frequently? and by what means?
Rarely videos because it doesn’t excites me that much and because 99% of players are gross. But I have a nice tumblr timeline with images and gifs I look at every day. There’s a sub/dom couples who exchanges orders and missions through their tumblr, which particularly fascinates me.
In fact the visual porn inspires me and teaches me, it serves as a support to my imagination, such as reading with, Murakami Ryu and Yamada Eimi.

Your favorite tags?
Kinky, submission, bondage, kinbaku, squirt, splitted tongue, threesome.

And if you could create one?
The tag “ambiance Murakami Ryu”.

Your favorite actresses?
It was Kristina Rose for a long time, but ever since I saw the Hard Bodies’ trailer, where she is screaming “I Love you” to her terribly ugly partner, she disappointed me. Like many people I saw THE scene with Ferrara, and naively I thought she was sincere and that it was just for him… Otherwise at the moment, there’s Jessie Andrews, this is the girl I want to be a friend with and go out do some crazy stuff.

What should look like the ideal actor?
I would like to say that he has to be black or metis, very muscular, or a boy next door with hair on the chest and tattoos. In fact, I do not think there is any ideal actor; given my mood, it will be a different personality and a different body.

If I say dirty talk, what’s the first sentence you’ll think about?

Since how long are you reading the Tag Parfait?
Groupie since the beginning.

Imagine you’re a realisator, what would you change in your porn?
I’d fire the actors, change the girls’ clothing. And the drawings of the sofa and curtains.

If you had to change the music what would you choose?
Something dirty, the type doesn’t matter.

© Photo by Louis Canadas

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