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March 2013: Marine



Brussels (Belgium)

What was your first encounter with sex?
I did rather traditional things such as playing doctors with my little cousin. Then I became a teenager and I had my first sexual intercourse at a relatively young age, at the time I hadn’t cuddled any boy or watched porn. Everything happened at the same time.

When you got in touch with us you told me about a particular video tape…
I discovered a porn movie by accident, something really dirty that we watched with a girlfriend, I wasn’t turned on at all ! It took place in a graveyard, I remember a scene where two girls were shaving. It was so murky and cheap. The more I got interested in boys, the more I watched porn (on television) and I gradually understood how arousing it could be.

And you got busted by your dad, right?
Yep, he didn’t care at all and gave me the VHS.

What about the internet?
Good old Youporn, but I quickly got tired of porn, it was too frank, with gross pictures, too many close-ups, filmed and thought by men. Then I discovered my perfect tag thanks to x-art. It’s so beautifully done, people are natural, I am very focused on everything that is related to foreplays (and it’s quite rare in traditional porn) that’s why I like it.

Do you keep on watching x-art or joymii material?
I’m attracted by other videos, it’s a little weird, educational videos of erotic massages.

Your first experience with porn was quite « head-on », did you go back to softer stuff afterwards?
Totally; I’ve seen a lot of things in a very short period of time and I didn’t want to become indifferent. X-art is full of love, it’s not murky or ugly and not too bestial.

Do you miss the dirtiness, the filth?
I do that in my private life. I talk about porn which is, for me, only a masturbatory material.

And not a written material?
I’ve never really tried. When I was younger, I read novels which were a little erotic, I remember one which was entitled « Fleurs Captives » (Captive Flowers), it dealt with brothers and sisters who were imprisoned by their mother in an attic for years. One of the girls eventually slept with one of her brothers and and kids, it kinda turned me on, it was a little weird.

You also talked to me about Spike Jonze?
If only Spike Jonze could make a porn… it would be perfect, marvelous, and different. The picture has to be beautiful, I like nostalgic atmospheres just like in the short movie, Suburbs. It would be a movie which is not only a porno, it would be a real movie, with a real script.

What would be your perfect tag ?
I would type simple words such as « beautiful blowjob » or « erotic massage »

If you could change the music?
Sebastien Tellier or Breakbot, not something brutal.

Why do you want to become a Parfaite?
Because I like your way of writing, the website, the articles… And also, why not?

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