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April 2012: Sophie


Paris – France

Your first encounter with sex?
It was at the beginning of middle school I think, we played as friends, only girls, it was quite natural. I realized that my parents were embarrassed when we got caught…

The first time an image turned you on?
First on the TV screen, when my parents asked me to close my eyes. Then around 10 y.o. I found my dad’s porn comics. Soon after they were gone, I was really disappointed. But i saw my real first porn image when I was about 12 or 13. We watched a porn movie with friends, it disgusted me : the girl had a piercing on her lips and it was tied to a locker. And the first time I searched for porn by myself I was also deceived.

Do you currently watch porn?
I only watch girl stuff, doesn’t matter if it’s hard (spanking, slapping, strap-on and others), provided that they remain between girls. Then they can do whatever they want.

What bothers you in straight porn ?
A whole bunch of things. It requires some kind of intimacy with what you’re seeing, it has to be realistic. I don’t understand heterosexuall porn at all, i find it harmful. When you’re surfing on the net, 3 clicks are enough to find hardcore stuff. When I see it I have a sort of repulsion for boys. It is shot in a medical way and still is a kind of an opera, it screams too much, it’s a medical-opera.

So, what’s your perfect Tag?
#trib (from tribadism) or #scissoring and I only accept men in #threesomes. I haven’t found my hetero tag yet.

Aren’t you bored at the moment? we’re mainly talking about straight porn…
It’s quite different, there’s no images and your writing is exciting. It’s the tube porn’s that visually bothers me but porno itself is exciting. Your selection, Au Bon Fappeur is really cool by the way.

Why want to be a playmate?
To add my own contribution to the Tag Parfait, is something you can barely dream of in porn, it’s good to see it through your eyes, to have a so sweet daily newsfeed. Sex is essential in life, and the way you see it influences your behaviour. We have to fight for a fairer porn.

© Photo by Firr

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