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January 2012: Adrien & Jessica

Adrien: 1983 / Jessica: 1985

Paris – France

Do you watch porn together?
Not really, we mainly do that alone, even if sometimes we spend the evening watching together some Frissons Extrêmes VOD, especially for the titles or the rupestral covers. Not that we have any problem watching some together, but the occasions got rarer.

And alone?
Jessica: I like going on Tubes, and I sometimes subscribe to Alt-porn websites like Burning Angel, No Fauxxx or better, Beautiful Agony (which I like most).
Adrien: I’m a huge nostalgic of end 90’s French porn, I look for old Chippy Marlowe’s or Karen Lancaume’s videos (January 28, never forget.). Sometimes, I also slip on hardcore american Porn stars videos.

Tags you have in common?
All of the Alt-Porn. We also have a little weakness for rough sex, and amateur when it’s well shot, which, unfortunately, is rare.

Tattooed people are reclassified to alt-porn. What is the problem?
It is not only in the X-industry, a tattooed girl will not be judged on the same beauty scale as one without ink on her skin. And even though these past years tattoos became more and more mainstream, they still remind of a cons-culture, an offset with the esthetic norm. However some well inked girls are evolving in mainstream, like Janine Lindemulder before and Mason Moore or Belladona nowadays. I think there are two schools: an assumed one and one who’s going to fight for its revendications in order to create a base for its identity.

Do you believe in the tag #couple ?
We like to feel a little love between actors, but the quality often ruins everything. But it sure bring some emotion to the scene. We have a special affection for sextapes and their subtil explicite.

And forbidden tags? 
Granny things, snuffs, torture porn, and every “body fluids” : uro as deadline.

Your opinion on french porn?
Adrien: I’m quite attached to this “small company” thing we can find in some productions, with these male performers that are in the porngame since already 10 years. But thanks to the Marion Cotillard effect the french porn is now exporting. I don’t really care about the exotism of a frenchie Pornstar in Yankee territory. French porn has his gold age behind him, and between us : I always prefered the Toucan (Dorcel’s nickname)

What should be changed?
This all new off-the-scene actress coming with blogs or website, is quite interesting. But the French shootings are rarefying and we’re losing the “French-Touch”. It would be a shame that Jacquie, Michel and Pascal Bk sound more french than the hexagonal Legends.

How did you hear about the Tag Parfait?
Adrien: I think it’s on Twitter, @o0OFF told me about the website and that guy with baby hairs, attached to porno (more than porn in fact). I was really interested in the reflexion there is on hard porn, that was really more shinny than a
Jessica: I was looking for a website on street graphing pros, I quickly understood that it was not really what the Tag was doing but I stayed. (Actually, Adrien that corrupted me).

Since 95% of porn-music is shitty, what would you put?
Removing music could be an answer. And stop adding hard beat on doggystyles. At least we think about our Ipod music on which we already wanted to fuck. We thought about black metal, but you have to admit that Phallusifer was not really a masterpiece.

© Photo by Guilhem Malissen

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