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Lexi Belle Quits

Twitter’s awful news sliced most of us yesterday night: the lovable Lexi Belle is retiring. The last contact occurred with three tiny tweets and we are now in a total void… We don’t really know the reasons why she left.  It sounds like she has personal issue, but she doesn’t want to talk about it and because we want to show some respect we won’t ask her what the hell is going on. Porn is all about intense passion, you stick to it or you quit it.

There’s no middle step and like in every true love story, strong feelings can drive you nuts. Most of the time actresses are leaving because of heart affairs or on simple impulses. Anyway, this is always their personal concerns, it happens without notice and you are left alone feeling confused, angry and desperate in front of your computers. But, above all, you have to respect their choice. Since then, her first tweet has been erased. It was telling us « Lost the only person who matters to me cuz I fucked up Goin to retire from the business and try a new life », followed by two other enigmatic messages:


Our brave soldier, private Yoosf from Lorraine (France), contacted us in the middle of the night. First hour Lexi’s true bashful lover, he left a touching vocal message.The following written version of his message shows he’s a broken heart and we want to say that we fully share his pain. May those few words testify the emptiness Lexi will leave behind her (Yeah she’s only retiring from Porn and sounds like we are in a funeral speech but when you miss your lover … You know…)

I’ve heard it’s done, you want to stop? I thought we were doing well together… no? You say you’ve done stupid mistakes. You say you want to go away and start a new life? But you know, you are leaving my heart broken and I have no words to express my feelings right now. Indeed, only the deep and dark nothingness inside my pants could describe my state of mind ….  You’ve always been there; snuggled in very a special place I’ve made for you and only for you inside the warmth of my heart. You are my eternal #teen, a delicious candy, my TagParfait… I’m begging you to stay mine! You were my fire starter, the only one to know how to tease me and arouse my lonely pleasures. Today, tears are running down my face and they shine like many sperm droplets spread on your lower back. Random seamen of these unknown Dudes around you I’ve always been jealous of. Your satin skin has never been so gorgeous than when you were letting these animals voluntarily sully it. Then you were wearing and displaying these warm liquid traces like a glorious trophy…

Good luck in your new life Lexi, we’ll miss you…

Originally translated from this post by Duff

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