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October 2011: Julie



Your first encounter with sex?
Quite early, when i was about 6 years old. Pillows & fluffs, as many other girls looking for an experiment, I believe.

Your first porno?
I was 13, it was around midnight and my eyes were glued to the screen. It was not a porn but an erotic movie. I soon wanted to know more about it and I’ve seen my first X-rated film a few weeks later, on the internet. I remember being stigmatised the change of atmosphere between the two videos. After that I focused on Hentai, and finally came back to porn when i was about 16-17 years old.

Do you still often watch porn?
Of course, but not the same way. It depends on my desire, my mood.Sometimes I just can’t bear the dirty porn, so I try an X-Art, and then i get bored so I look for an Amat Tube. I often come back to that eventually.
Youporn, Redtube, Pornhub, Xvideos for the research. I also often take some from close hard drives when the occasion is given. I like to discuss it too, so it happens that somebody recommends me movies.

Your favorite tags?
#acrobaticsex, #amateur, #creampie, #submission, #blowjob, #kinbaku, #cuckold

And if you had to invent one that does not exist?

Your pornstars of the moment?
Madison Young & Jessie Andrews.

Have you seen Portrait Of A Call Girl ? If yes what do you think?
I saw a few scenes, and found the one under tension with Jessie & Ferrara absolutely awesome. The one in the parking too but it looks like you switch window by mistake. Nice one but impossible to masturbate on that.

What should the ideal male actor look like?
Real. How he looks doesn’t matters ,except that he has to be attractive. Ok I confess I’m kind of fetishist of long hairs ! When I say attractive i don’t only mean physically, but I also insist on the fact he should have a real role to play, and charisma. Boy next door, yes but not only.
The bottom line : diversify. Another cool thing could be supermodel men.

For how long have you been reading the Tag Parfait?
Almost a year !

Imagine, you become a filmmaker, what would you change in your porn?
The scenario, the image quality, the lights, the scenery, the over-used moanings, and the non-stop swap of boring positions. More unexpected things, more aestheticism. The icing on the cake : one day I would like to see an actress taking time to put off her shoes. Truly feel the escalation of tension in a realistic way, basically.

What’s missing in France?
New shit; new actors; new projects; money; the will to take your balls and do something new, that fits the audience wishes.

If you had to change the soundtrack, what would you choose?
Breaking the law by Judas Priest, remake by Motörhead (with a quite dirty atmosphere)

© Photo by G. (Gerome Viavant)

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