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BrWax, A Fresh Look At Brazil

BrWax, a Tumblr born in 2010, allows following the evolution of a Brazilian passionate about photography and pretty girls. BrWax stands for Brazilian Wax – clear and accurate.

Coming from the field of board sports, whether liquid or bituminous, Haruo Kaneko shows his pictures between various reblogs, always in a festive and mostly nighttime atmosphere. Spiritual son of Terry Richardson for his use of the flash, the Japanese-born photographer belongs to the clique of the Van Styles and other Bronques of LastNightsParty. You know, those guys going out to shoot half-fuddled and half-naked wannabe models in the toilets of the trendiest nightclubs. I’m exaggerating, but it’s only jealousy denting my nib.
For the surf magazine Hardcore, short videos are extracted from the shootings to endow Haruo’s models with some more volume, assuming they need that extra-texture.

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With BrWax, Haruo lets us in on gorgeous Cariocas, aloof from the samba and carnival clichés. Anyhow, you’ll get lost among the original posts and the reblogs, so don’t worry and go with the scroll. Nice pics of pretty girls are universal.










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