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TS Madison, Undies’ AK-47

Shemales are a big trend right now in the Pornscape. An upcoming article from Gonzo will be published soon here to talk in deep about the growing importance of the phenomenon. Meanwhile we are introducing to you the craziest American transsexual in the place: TS Madison.

If you dig into TS Madion’s universe, be prepared to lose all your usual point of references. We are landing into confusion and the “Big Dick Bitch” doesn’t give a shit about anything conventional, too bad for sensitive people. Everything is bigger in USA, therefore Madison has the whole chunky assets with massive boobs, huge ass and a BBC (Big Black Cock). She takes it, she sticks it, whatever… She has no limit. She even cockslaps dudes looking like gangsta rappers and jeez on their face. Well, why doing without when it’s good? You should check her screaming “ride this dick nigga” to this 50cents lookalike dude. Intense!

Getting wet

Getting wet

Madison is the personification of an American-Rap world finally loving gays and transgender. As if the Atlanta’s Dirty South vibe would open its hearth to mankind’s differences. When we saw the tremendous tolerance emanating from Raw Dawg Entertainment (her production house), we had a dream: We would like to see Kanye West, Chris Brown and Jimmy Kimmel become all reconciled by a big cocked chunky black trans.

TS Madison, it is especially a cool show on Vine. Recently an American TV show broadcasted one of her Vine “She got a Dick !!!!” where you see her big engine. It’s blurred but you can clearly see the beast, nominated for the occasion “Dick of the Week”. TS Madison, an AK-47 in between legs.

Originally translated from this post by Duff

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