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Girls Are On Earth to Make Love

It is complicated to work in the porn business and watch all those girls strut across your screen without ever being able to touch them. Future is not close enough to be reached, and the screen remains this terrible and impassable barrier. At Le Tag Parfait, when frustration settles in, we are more likely to […]

Tell Me How You Fap: A Browser-History Analysis

Le Tag Parfait is a website dedicated to porn culture. Driven by some success in France, we wondered what was turning our readers on. In big letters, we knew who they were: for the most part, they belong to what could be called the “Youporn Generation”, people who have known almost nothing but tubes. But […]

Net Video Girls, Fell In Love With A Girl

There are those miles of porn you forget as soon as the fap session is over, and then there is the other type of porn: the rare moments that hound you along the narrow roads of a life by proxy. Among those, if there is only one I should keep, one I would make my […]

The Invisible Man

« I’m the invisible man, I’m the invisible man Incredible how you can see right through me, » sang Freddy Mercury in 1989 on Queen’s album The Miracle; obviously not their best, but on it there was « I want it all », and that song made our teeny weenies hard in our teeny underpants with our name written […]

July 2013: Mary

Born: 1991 City: Lyon (France) First porno you watched? I was 13 at the time; I came across something filthy on TV, a hairy 80’s porno. I didn’t understand why guys of my age could enjoy watching such stuff, I thought it was particularly repulsive. What about the last one you saw? An amateur video […]

Lexi Belle Quits

Twitter’s awful news sliced most of us yesterday night: the lovable Lexi Belle is retiring. The last contact occurred with three tiny tweets and we are now in a total void… We don’t really know the reasons why she left.  It sounds like she has personal issue, but she doesn’t want to talk about it […]

Pornostagram: the Porn Social Network

Quentin Lechémia is an entrepreneur; blogger and creator of the My Band Market platform. He has just launched Pornostagram, a site that pretty much uses the principle of vintage photo filters, but bypasses Instagram’s censorship barrier. Beyond being a simple X version of Instagram, Pornostagram could become a real social network of porn. Therefore we […]

Teen BFF: the Ultimate Tag

Threesome. From the high of your love triangle, you look down on people’s sex life, spreading your shadow over the territory of achievements. It doesn’t matter in what order the letters are, Fs and Ms are mixing together into one marvelous tag. Threesome, I love you, threesome, sorrow takes hold of me when you’re away […]

June 2013: Charlotte

Born: 1987 City: Paris (France) Last porn movie you watched? Frankly speaking, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a porn in its entirety, sometimes I would watch parts of it if my friends showed me or if I heard about something special, then I will take a quick look but that’s all. What are your […]

Gone Wild: Dishsoapbath

Today, a male GoneWilder, because not only women expose themselves and men are able to knock us off. As a proof, here is Dishsoapbath. I’ve caught him on Ladybonersgw subreddit, with his sea-blue coloured eyes, his hair I feel like stroking, and his ass I would like to munch. The boy hypnotizes me, when he […]

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James Deen, the White Knight of Vine

Zafinho told you about it a short time ago : Vine has found itself a playfellow – namely, porn. Vine becomes like Twitter, where the libertine world of exhib invaded slowly our timelines, enjoying freedom of speech without being punished by this little rascal of Zuckerberg. Porn stars have naturally begun to use this new tool, […]

May 2013: Zacharie

Born: 1986 City: Paris (France) You’re a photographer, you must have developed an interest for picture quite early. What is the picture which makes the most important impact on you? Indeed. I’m a photographer, photojournalist to be more precise. Since I was a little boy, I’ve always been attracted to picture. I was more into […]

Colored Enema: Over The Rainbow

Just when you think that everything has been done here below, there comes along someone with a brilliant idea – one that refuels your enthusiasm tank for another six-month mad drive. Porn is no exception. When you think you have seen it all, you always find some new tag buggering up your boredom. In the […]

April 2013: Emeline

Born: 1986 City: Paris What is the first picture you used as a masturbatory material? The first « pictures » which got me excited before internet could be found in erotic novels or old Fluide Glacial comic books sitting around in my country house. I don’t have precise memories about them. What was the first porn you […]

March 2013: Marine

Born: 1989 City: Brussels (Belgium) What was your first encounter with sex? I did rather traditional things such as playing doctors with my little cousin. Then I became a teenager and I had my first sexual intercourse at a relatively young age, at the time I hadn’t cuddled any boy or watched porn. Everything happened […]

February 2013: Isabelle

Born: 1980 City: Bordeaux (France) What is the first picture that aroused you? My brothers who are older than me (the eldest was 18 when I was 6) had porn magazines and pictures. I was very young when I saw that, I was excited but didn’t know what to think about it. It left me […]

January 2013: Camille

Born: 1993 City: Paris (France) What is the first picture that aroused you? I was 7 years old I guess, I was with a girlfriend and we found an erotic magazine owned by my parents. There were girls with big boobs, I thought that I would be like them when I’ll be older, it didn’t […]

November 2012: Camille

Born: 1980 City: Paris (France) First picture that aroused you? Série Rose sur FR3 (french TV), I was 11 years old, it was a TV adaptation of erotic novels. I remember that it was “forbidden”, therefore it was exciting. Then “Clicks” by Manara, my parents had a glass bookcase, with some hot stuff, I would […]

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