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Gifs Of The Week #6

This has really been a beautiful week, with super hours, loads of fun, and plenty of time to sleep. Since I took on a sleeping pattern appropriate for a Spartan during tournament period, finding worthy gifs on Tumblr proves to be quite harrowing a task. But Internet always knows how to comfort me and chuck […]

Gifs Of The Week #5

This week, I enjoyed looking for gifs in a total rush and coming upon ones that made me giggle. Between two reblogs, I did note the collective crush on Aubrey Plaza, from Parks and Recreation. I’m not judging or anything, just observing how her presence has lately been proliferating on tumblr. She is not especially […]

Gifs Of The Week #4

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween! Of course it was one of the last chances to put on those Daisy Dukes without tights, so… For my part, the God of Internet spared me the cliché witches-and-zombies porn gifs. Anyway for those of you who indulge in that kind of treat, here is a pumpkin gangbang, […]

Gifs Of the Week #3

My selection didn’t move a jot after a lengthy mid-week Tumblr watch. I must admit I’ve been in a huff since the new update of the research tool barged in without a warning. The business obviously isn’t up to speed, as for now you cannot record the tags anymore. For the relentless ones who still […]

Gifs Of the Week #2

I succumbed to the trap of autumn and its oh-too-clement-to-last temperatures. That’s why I ended up scrolling gifs undercover, literally, with a tissue box that began to empty dangerously. Now I know my cute little muzzle shelters a very substantial amount of mucus desperately wanting to see the light. Fortunately, I only needed to stretch […]

Gifs Of the Week #1

Resumption chucked me into bed for the whole weekend. I’ll keep a fond memory of my pilgrimage to the last Tag Parfait Fap Club party, where Peter & Steven slipped in a few gifs that could easily have been given the pride of place in this column. I dug Internet to find this week’s selection, […]

The Cream Of the Male

Les fleurs du mâle (punned after the book by Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil, and the consonance between mâle, male, and mal, evil) is the masculine response to the gorgeous and naked chicks’ tumblrs that flourish on our timelines. Same style, same editorial policy: polished pictures, natural and spontaneous, moving, sexy, nice butts… Only pecs […]

Hanni El Khatib: Still In the Dirt

Hanni el Khatib is one of the last Californian rocker specimens: kind of honest, unlike some of his fellow being. After his first album Will The Guns Come Out, more garage than anything, he came back with a second album: Head In The Dirt. Bluesier than his first one, it was produced and recorded by […]

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