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Tell Me How You Fap: A Browser-History Analysis

Le Tag Parfait is a website dedicated to porn culture. Driven by some success in France, we wondered what was turning our readers on. In big letters, we knew who they were: for the most part, they belong to what could be called the “Youporn Generation”, people who have known almost nothing but tubes. But […]

Net Video Girls, Fell In Love With A Girl

There are those miles of porn you forget as soon as the fap session is over, and then there is the other type of porn: the rare moments that hound you along the narrow roads of a life by proxy. Among those, if there is only one I should keep, one I would make my […]

Form Porn: Abstract Bodyscapes

Within the endless pictorial dump that is Tumblr, most of the time you burn your eyes (and your life) on useless streams of stuff that fluctuate in between shit and crap. But time to time, you fall on some special content that is weird enough to appeal your curiosity and makes your scrolling febrile like […]

Hiérophante – Marketing

Hiérophante is a 3D graphic Designer who is interested in the Internet’s culture. Assuming that artists are not actually creating content but only recycling what’s already done, he’s using  some marketing’s caption mixed with elements from known Porn’s production and Tumblr’s anonymous content to create this unique video music called “Marketing” (first creation of a […]

The Invisible Man

« I’m the invisible man, I’m the invisible man Incredible how you can see right through me, » sang Freddy Mercury in 1989 on Queen’s album The Miracle; obviously not their best, but on it there was « I want it all », and that song made our teeny weenies hard in our teeny underpants with our name written […]

Mr Man, Naked Male Celebrities

Mr Skin, the most popular website of naked celebrities, just launched Mr Man, a male version with heaps of dudes with junks wild free. Mr Man promises kilometers of cocks on films with a monthly membership. If you don’t subscribe then you will only watch pecs and six packs shaped. That’s it. All the actors […]

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