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Archives du mois deNovember 2013

RR Marquez: PAWG In Your Face

RR Marquez is a motorcycle big engine’s lover and a big booty fan. Two passions he has united under the watchful eye of a Youtube channel. Girls and Big Engine, well… It’s kinda already done no? But it happens that RR Marquez is also an handful dude, so he attached a GoPro on the backside […]

FAIL LAB Episode 8: Testicles

Patrick Scott is back on the track with FAIL LAB, a fresh series belonging to his Zoochosis project . The main idea is to reveal the hidden science behind the Youtube’s virals. Presented by Crystal Dilworth and fellow experts, FAIL LAB has now a few episodes available, but it’s the eighth one that caught our attention […]

Opsowned, Flashlight

There are three kind of content on Vimeo: Pro videos for portfolios, Porn stuff that get flagged quickly and videos with teens in panties dancing around on shitty Dubstep. Well, don’t be too excited, this last category is mainly composed of tasteless and boring BTS from photo shooting. Disappointing eh! Unfortunately, in Flashlight, Opsowned (photographer […]

Prolapse Party, Not Too Funny

I appointed myself guinea pig for this suicidal adventure. I myself shall be the speed-loaded kamikaze outbound at dawn to the American naval base, the lonesome soldier leaving his trench to fight the Germans. I shall be the one taking the plunge toward the hereafter of forbidden tags, the land where you can go but […]

Gifs Of the Week #3

My selection didn’t move a jot after a lengthy mid-week Tumblr watch. I must admit I’ve been in a huff since the new update of the research tool barged in without a warning. The business obviously isn’t up to speed, as for now you cannot record the tags anymore. For the relentless ones who still […]

October 2013: Nicolas

Born 1977 City Paris (France) What was the first picture that turned you on? I am not sure. Either a picture in Penthouse magazine, beach series, a close-up on a beautiful tanned pussy with shell necklaces through which you could see beautiful coral coloured labias… Or the explicit cartoons of Reiser… Whatever a child could […]

Jackson and His Computerband: G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)

A splendid animation created by Mrzyk & Moriceau for the “G.I.Jane” song of Jackson and His Computerband. The famous graphic designer duo is delivering us for years now a very special surrealistic world, pretty sexual and always tinted of humor. We can remember the music videos they’ve already done for Air ou Sébastien Tellier but we suggest you […]

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